• "Human soul without education is like marble in quarry"
  • It is true that Education Institutions play an important role in inculcating ideals and values of national integration among the students. Our education aims at a balanced growth of the individual and insists on both knowledge and wisdom. It not only trains the intellect but brings grace into the heart of students.
  • Students are trained to approach life's problem with the fortitude, self control and sense of balance.
  • Our school has qualified teachers who are interested in the welfare of the students, who have enthusiasm for their subjects and are able to impart it to the pupils. They form the central frame work.
  • The greatest asset of a nation is the spirit of its people. Students power of spirit is raised to have a bright future.
Higher Secondary RESULT ANALYSIS 2017.
1 M.S. Harini 1181 / 1200 First Rank
2 K. Shrinidhi 1179 / 1200 Second Rank
3 RM. Nachammai 1169 / 1200 Third Rank
3 M. Preethi 1169 / 1200 Third Rank
Centums in various subjects
1 Commerce 3
2 Computer Science 2
3 Mathematics 1
4 Accountancy 1
5 Business Mathematics 1
6 Economics 1
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1183 / 1200


1166 / 1200


1157 / 1200

Likita scouts & Guides

M.LIKITA of IX has been nominated for the “Governor Award Camp – Rajya Puraskar” for Scouts and Guides.